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Mod suggestions

Post by Krow » Sat Sep 16, 2017 12:34 am

Just wanted to bring up a few cool mods ive seen over a few servers.

1- ECO mods, it's basicaly a bunch of crafting tables for different decorations like flowers and plants, funiture..... Here's one of them ... =880871931

2_ Bridges, pretty self explanatory, its a bridge that you can make. Looks pretty good and can be very useful in certain situations. ... =558651608 and ... =893834064

3-Upgrade station, there would be tomuch to type here for all that this mod can do for players so im im just gonna go ahead and throw down the link so you can see for yourselves. ... =821530042

4- Beacon enhancer, basically you can get better things from drops.. makes them less useless. ... ptions&p=4

5- Advanced rafts. adds a few new rafts (some bigger, some smaller, some pirate ships...) also adds a crafting table for ALOT of decor and useful items. ... =749466101

Thanks for the servers, thanks for your time in considering these options and I look forward to know your thoughts.
Sincirely, Krow.

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Re: Mod suggestions

Post by Rekcah » Fri Sep 22, 2017 4:27 am

I think some of those mods could be fun, like the pirate ship one and the decoration's. It would also be cool to add some other mods that could make your home/building a bit more lively, like one with rugs chairs table's etc. ... 1091147617 ... =741203089 ... earchtext=

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Re: Mod suggestions

Post by Quake » Thu Oct 12, 2017 8:50 am

I apologize for my extremely delayed response time as I have been pre-occupied with other things. We discussed these mods and are going to currently deny their addition to our servers for the time being. We may re-access them in the future, however we would like to keep our mod list small due to their harsh load on the server, especially those which add engrams and are of larger size. We are currently accessing a mod that we may add in the near future that will also add a significant load to the server, so before we add anything additional, unnecessary mods, we would like to evaluate how this mod will affect the server performance first. Thank you for your suggestions though, and feel free to provide additional suggestions or renew these suggestions in the future.



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